New therapeutic targets to treat heart failure

Coordinators: R. Fischmeister (Partner 2) and Y. Ambroise (Partner 12)
Starting date: January 2012

The general scope of the TREAT-HF project is to design new therapeutic drugs to treat HF. More specifically, our project targets two proteins involved in the beta-AR/cAMP signalling cascade, PDE4B and Epac1. First, we want to develop a PDE4B activator in order to lower cAMP concentration in the vicinity of cardiac Ca2+ channels, to avoid Ca2+ overload, pathological hypertrophy and arrhythmias.  Second, we want to develop an Epac1 inhibitor in order to prevent or treat maladaptive hypertrophy and HF. For both targets, we have original and protected advanced hit molecules and our goal is to deliver, by the end of 2017, a drug candidate ready to enter preclinical development.