International Scientific Committee (ISC)

An International Scientific Committee, composed exclusively of outside members (8 experts, mostly from outside France, with representatives from pharmaceutical industry), will propose research orientations and be involved in decisions pertaining to changes in the composition of LERMIT and new pluridisciplinary projects. Members of this committee were nominated following a proposal made by the Steering Committee. The International Scientific Committee will also provide a regular assessment on the achievement and objectives of LERMIT.



Prof. André TARTAR (France)
Faculté de Pharmacie de Lille
Keywords : Medicinal Chemistry, Drug discovery, Drug development strategy, Biotechnology, Peptide drugs

Prof. Ralph SCHERMULY (Germany)
Chair for Pulmonary Pharmacotherapy; Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
Keywords : Pulmonary circulation, Heart hypertrophy, Cell and molecular biology, Fibrosis, Cellular signalling

Prof. Andreas KUNGL (Austria)
Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Graz

Keywords : protein-ligand interactions, glycobiology, drug profiling, assay development.

Prof. Claus Michael LEHR (Germany)
Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS)
Keywords : skin, lung and oral drug delivery, nucleotide delivery, in-vitro models of epithelial barriers, nanomedicine and nanotoxicology, nanoparticles,

Prof. Sian E. HARDING (England)
Head, Myocardial Function Section Professor of Cardiac Pharmacology NHLI, Imperial College
Keywords : Cell signalling, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Heart diseases, Cyclic nucleotides, membrane receptors.

Dr François BALLET (France)
Chairman of the R&D Board Medicen Paris Region
Keywords : drug discovery and development, toxicology, clinical safety, drug induced liver injury

Prof. Kevin J. HARRINGTON (England)
Reader in Biological Cancer Therapies Team Leader, Targeted Therapy Team The Institute of Cancer Research London
Keywords : Oncology, clinic, gene therapy, oncolytic virotherapy, combined therapy

Prof. Marie-Cécile PLOY (France)
Head of Microbiology Department in CHU Limoges, Head of the INSERM research unit U1092 and full professor at the University of Limoges
Keywords : Antibiotic, resistance, gene transfer, integrons, new targets

Prof. Josep Samitier (Spain)
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)

Keywords: Nanomedicine, point-of-care diagnostic, biomaterials, organ-on-chip, DNA biosensors